Keynote Speakers

Richard Van Eck – University of North Dakota

10 (Incorrect) Reasons People Say Video Games Don’t Belong in Education

richard-van-eckWith 174 million gamers in the United States alone, it is no surprise that many educators and social scientists are seeking ways to harness the power of videogames to improve education and society. Games are touted for their potential to promote social justice, health, and mental well-being and for their potential to reform our educational system by addressing 21st-century skills like problem solving and collaboration.

Is there any evidence to support such claims, though? What about the potential for videogames to lead to negative outcomes like violence, obesity, social isolation, and addiction? What about people in the US and around the world who don’t have access to good schools, let alone videogame technology?

As with all complex problems, the answers are not as simple as many would like to believe. In this talk, renowned professor, researcher, and game designer Richard Van Eck will help sort fact from fiction by addressing the top ten reasons people say videogames have no place in education, and why they are wrong to say so.

Kevin Lamoureux – University of Winnipeg and the University of Manitoba

An Age of Reconciliation

kevin-lamoureuxCanada is moving into an age of reconciliation, in which our nation’s citizenry have the opportunity to fully embrace values of social justice, equity, and integrity as we reclaim our true identity as a country.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission offered Canada 94 Calls to Action as a roadmap towards true reconciliation. Many of these recommendations centred upon education as a means of creating empathy, understanding and of righting historical wrongs.

Today educators across the country, at all levels, are exploring ways to building in Indigenous histories, perspectives and experiences in a way that moves beyond tokenism into authentic learning that empowers learners to create change.

This session will focus on Treaties and Treaty Relationship here in Manitoba as we continue along this journey towards truth and reconciliation.

Blake Fly – Professional Speaker

Engaging Students and Understanding Their World

blake-flyHow do you get the attention of students? Once you do, how do you keep it? Students in your school need to feel like they matter from the start at orientation until the end at graduation.

For nearly a decade, Blake lived and closely worked with thousands of students in a college setting. The conversations that happen in an office are valuable, but living in the same environment as students will teach you so much more. This keynote is filled with Blake’s lessons learned from his front line work with students. He shares strategies, systems and insights that will help any professional engage students when they first arrive and acknowledge them along the way.

People will walk away with strategies to implement actions of appreciation, recognition and thoughtfulness into the daily routines of students, staff and campus partners. Each idea will start a series of actions that let students and staff know how much they matter, essentially creating a more positive campus community for all of its members.

Pat Hirst

Creating Your Own Perfect World

pat-hirstIn a perfect world, everyone would be good tempered, attentive and be accountable for their actions. We don’t live in a perfect world, but each of us has a chance in our lifetime to create our own perfect world, personally and professionally.

We can masterfully manage the human component that often disrupts our “perfectly planned outcomes,” which also means managing ourselves.

In this engaging and thought-provoking session, Pat will inspire you to consider three keys for creating the relationships and outcomes you want in your life.

Professional Development Sessions

During RED Forum, there will be several professional development sessions offered that focus on a variety of topics.

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Opening Ceremonies

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